CHM Writers’ Conference Powerpoint – I spoke at the CHM Writers’ Conference about enlarging your influence through writing and publishing. Part of my presentation came from my newest book, The Next Bestseller: Book Marketing for Success. If you’d like to have a copy of my PowerPoint, click the link below:

CHM PowerPoint Presentation

Are you a Pastor who has written a book? Did you know that if you get material for your book that comes from a sermon you have preached in your church, your church owns the rights to your book? Since your church pays you to write sermons, the intellectual property that comes out of your study is not your own. You can work around it by having your leadership or church agree to a statement. You can get a copy of the statement I used with my church by clicking here.

Are you working on a book and need to plan your book launch? Follow this link to a resource I’ve created on how to launch a book.

Planning Your Preaching Resource

I typically plan my preaching a year ahead of time. I’ve found this discipline to be an essential part of my ministry as I work with our worship teams, video and technology teams, and plan books to go along with my preaching. I’m currently working on a resource on how to plan your preaching. If you are interested in receiving a free copy of my “Planning Your Preaching Resource” when it’s available, please click on this link and complete the contact form: In the subject box, type “preaching resource”. If you prefer not to receive e-mail updates about future resources and information, please indicate so in the message box.

Here are some other websites and services I recommend to you. Some of them are resources for writers while others will simply be an encouragement to you in your personal discipleship. – I highly recommend Bluehost for your website and blogging needs.

Christian Indie Publishers Association – CIPA offers useful resources for any writer and helps Christian Indie authors connect with others of like mind. You’ll easily pay for your membership fee with the money you’ll save from discounts your receive as a member.

The Write Conversation – You’ll find Edie Melson’s blog for writers to be a wonderful tool to help you become a better writer. – Shelley’s Christian Book Academy is a wonderful resource to help you become a successful author. – Reedsy is a wonderful resource to help you connect to publishing professionals.

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