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What if you could wake up every morning with a clean slate and your eyes on the possibility of a full life that honors God? Great news—you can! This 31-day devotional will help you encounter God and live in the freedom and joy of knowing Him.

It’s difficult to grasp the concept of God’s mercy, but this truth is essential to living out our faith and overcoming the weight of spiritual struggle. 

New Every Morning is a 31-day devotional that will…

  • …help you understand the biblical teaching of God’s mercy.
  • …relate what the Bible says about God’s mercy and compassion to your daily decisions and experiences.
  • …guide you in responding to God’s character and experiencing the freshness of God’s grace.
  • …assist you in living out your faith by reflecting the God of mercy to the world.

Each day’s reading includes short nuggets of Bible teaching, devotional thoughts, and life application. You’ll be given the opportunity for personal reflection and prayer at the end of each session. Allow pastor and author, Dr. Tim Riordan, to be your biblical guide as he unpacks the truth of one key aspect of God’s nature and shows how this truth can set you free.

Available in paperback and digital formats.

Physical growth is automatic; spiritual growth isn’t

Since you’ve become a follower of Jesus, what are you doing to grow in your faith? Would you say you’re closer to Jesus today than you were a year ago? Some people focus on the event of becoming a Christian and forget the process of following Jesus.

Following Jesus: A 21-Day Journey is a guide to help you experience Jesus and grow in your faith. Some say it takes twenty-one days to make a habit. This book will help you develop the habit of a daily quiet time and deepen your prayer life.

Not only will you experience twenty-one days of Bible study on various topics leading to spiritual growth, but you’ll also enjoy an allegory that introduces each section. This story will lead you to think of important principles for your own spiritual journey.

Join Dr. Tim Riordan, pastor and bestselling author, as he leads you to follow the true Guide, Author, and Finisher of your faith: Jesus.

Following Jesus received second place in the 2022 Selah Awards.

Available in both digital and paperback formats.

So, you’ve written a book, but now what? How can your book become a bestseller? Can you really sell your books and share your message? Is it possible to actually make money as an author?

While your book may be the best thing since “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” if no one knows it exists, then it will join the millions of other books on the pile of the unknowns. What’s the solution? Marketing! Maybe, you didn’t sign up to be a marketer; you only want to write books. Bestselling and award-winning author, Tim Riordan, says, “If you are going to be a successful writer, you must be a successful marketer.” You can learn how to build your brand, sell more books, and be a successful author.

But how? Tim Riordan offers a how-to guide on marketing that any author can follow. He pulls from his own experiences and research to help other authors navigate the unchartered territory of book marketing. Do you want to be a successful author? Allow Tim to be your guide, and you, too, can become a bestselling author.

The Next Bestseller was a finalist for the 2021 Selah Award.

The Next Bestseller: Book Marketing for Success was chosen by Readers’ Favorite for an Honorable Mention in their annual writers’ contest.

Available in both digital and paperback formats.

Have you ever wished for a “How To” book on life? God has given us one in the book of Proverbs. Thousands of years ago, God inspired writers to offer practical guidance for real-life issues. Join pastor and Bible teacher Dr. Tim Riordan on a journey through this book of wisdom where you will study one of the most read books of the Bible. He begins with help on how to study Proverbs and then offers a topical discussion on a variety of issues addressed in the pages of this cherished book of wisdom. You will enjoy Wisdom Speaks as a personal study or as a part of a small group or Sunday School class. Each chapter concludes with additional questions for personal application. Through Proverbs, wisdom speaks. Are you listening?

“Wisdom Speaks” was awarded the 2019 Christian Indie Book Award for Bible Study by the Christian Indie Publishing Association. Follow the link to order your copy today: Kindle e-book or paperback.

The Book of Psalms may be the best-loved and most misunderstood book of the Bible. In reading the Psalms, one is lifted to the heights of heaven in one chapter while facing the challenges of disappointment in the next. One reason that Psalms is so loved is that readers can quickly find themselves lost within the pages of the Psalms. We will find words from the Psalmists that could have very well come from our own lips and emotions that could have come from our own hearts. Many have found great comfort and encouragement from this central book of the Bible, and for many, these words provide the precious promise of God’s abiding presence. It can be read devotionally or it can be studied with the eye of a theologian, but it will always contain for us an encouraging place where we can meet with God.

In Songs from the Heart, Dr. Tim Riordan has provided a rich resource, based upon the Psalms, to encourage the spiritual pilgrim as he or she encounters the challenges of life. Through his easy to read style and personal stories, the reader will quickly find that deep truths from the Psalms will make a permanent home in his or her heart. Songs from the Heart can be viewed as a devotional book through selected Psalms or as a study resource to engage God’s Word. It will be a tool to encourage people in their spiritual journeys and to challenge people to meet with God in worship and obedience.  Join Dr. Riordan as he carefully leads you through an overview of this beloved Bible book and then directs you through a more detailed study of thirty different Psalms.  Songs from the Heart was awarded the 2016 Book of the Year in Theology and Bible study from the Christian Small Publishers Association. Follow the link to order your copy today. Kindle eBook or Paperback

Fiinal_FrontAre we living in the last days? Is Bible prophecy being lived out before our very eyes? Is the church ready for the challenges we are sure to face before the return of Christ? How can we help our children be prepared for what the Bible says will happen in the future? In Immovable: Standing Firm in the Last Days, Dr. Tim Riordan will take you through the Bible looking at specific prophecy while comparing it to current events. He challenges Christians to be prepared for the challenges and opportunities of living in the last days before the return of Christ. Because these times will present significant spiritual warfare, Dr. Riordan teaches from the sixth chapter of Ephesians showing the last days implications of the spiritual armor God instructs His church to wear.

Practical guidelines are shared throughout the book to help Christians know how to prepare for the spiritual conflict that is to come. Not only does Immovable: Standing Firm in the Last Days offer clear Bible teaching to equip believers for the days to come, but it also offers a discussion guide to be used in a small group setting.  Join Dr. Riordan in a much-needed study to equip Christians to stand firm during the last days.

 Reader’s Favorite has given Immovable a Five-Star Rating. Here’s what they had to say about Immovable: Standing Firm in t5star-shiny-hrhe Last Days:

Great research leading to solid analysis and writing that actually speaks to the reader make Immovable a must-have for any Christian home. Adherents of Christianity are now living in a challenging time where socio-political forces all over the world are nibbling away at the foundations of their faith. Dr. Riordan’s book gives Christians a wake-up call to the troubles besieging their beliefs and an in-depth plan on how to reinforce their faith and prepare themselves for Christ’s second coming. He gives us a comprehensive guide on how to use the myriad spiritual tools God has gifted us with in order to remain steadfast and firm in His grace.

Told in an easy to read narrative that balances the interesting and the informative, Dr. Riordan manages to draw the reader into a meaningful theological discussion about the fate of Christianity. The dissection of current geopolitical events, interspersed with scholarly examination of Biblical passages, serves to elucidate the reader and make them aware of the signs and portents that warn about the troubled times ahead. Immovable: Standing Firm in the Last Days is a book that merits discussion in every Christian gathering and is a must-have in every library. If he speaks even half as well as he writes, I for one would love the chance to hear Dr. Riordan in person and listen to the message he so eloquently conveys.

Order your copy: Kindle Version   or Paperback version.

Cover_Book_1Have you ever considered writing and publishing a book? You have a great opportunity to influence people and share your message by being an author. If you are a pastor, a Bible teacher, or someone who is in front of groups talking on a regular basis, you probably already have material that could be put into a meaningful book. The Published Pastor is just the series you need to encourage you to take the next step to being a published author and to guide you through the process. Book One, Expanding Your Ministry through Writing and Publishing, is now available on Amazon.

You can get your Kindle version today at

The Published Pastor: academy-reward-webExpanding Your Ministry through Writing and Publishing has been awarded an “Academy Award” by Author Audience Academy

Are you ready to become a published author? Have you ever wondered how to publish a book? Would you like to learn how to write a book so your ministry can be expanded? How to Write and Publish Books is the second book in The Published Pastor series. It is offered to help pastors, Bible teachers, or anyone else who gathers material on a regular basis to turn their lessons or sermons into a published book. Join Dr. Tim Riordan as he shares from his experience and research on how to become a published author. He compares the differences between traditional publishing and self-publishing, and he offers a step-by-step approach to self-publish your book.

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