The Pot Is Being Stirred in the Middle East

Some amazing things are happening in the Middle East (even this past weekend), and it would do us well to keep our eyes upon that region. Remember that Ezekiel 38-39 speaks of a tremendous battle taking place against Israel sometime in the future. Israel’s enemies will be a coalition of nations, led by Russia (Magog), consisting of Persia (Iran), Cush (Sudan/Ethiopia), Put (Libya), Gomer (maybe Germany), and Beth-Togarmah (maybe Turkey). Many think this battle will take place just before the Tribulation Period, and the weapons, etc. of the defeated army will provide fuel for Israel to burn during the final 7 years before Christ’s Second Coming (Ezekiel 39:9). While we do not know for sure when this battle will happen, Ezekiel tells us a few things about it.

  • The coalition will be led by Russia (Magog) and the Russian leader (Gog means leader).
  • Israel will stand alone against her attackers (keep this in mind as I refer to a NY Times article in a moment).
  • Israel will be “a land that has recovered from war” (Ezek. 38:8) and “a peaceful and unsuspecting people” (Ezek. 38:11).
  • God will bring an amazing victory that will turn many Jewish people to trust Him.

While I could be wrong with my conclusions, allow me to share a few thoughts about how I see this coming about. God seems to be saying through the prophet that Israel will go to war and recover before this attack by the coalition, and this initial war brings about for Israel a time of peace that causes them to let their guard down. I cannot imagine this happening as long as Iran is still a threat and Hezbollah and others are on the loose. Something must happen to minimize these threats. This weekend some things happened that at least indicate the “pot has been stirred” one more time.

In a New York Times article from yesterday, Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu was quoted as decrying the actions taken by the United States and others who appear to be snuggling up with Iran through a Geneva accord. Israel fears that while this agreement looks like Iran is stopping their nuclear weapons ambitions, this accord will actually just give them the cover needed to complete their nuclear bomb program. Netanyahu calls this agreement an “historic mistake,” and the article stated, “with many Israelis viewing the United States as having abandoned its credible military threat against Iran, they have stepped up talk of a strike of their own.” This article also indicated that “the weeks of harsh and personal condemnations leading up to the agreement on Saturday left Israel sidelined in the Geneva process.” The weekend events, and reactions to the events, seem to be pointing out several common themes presented by Ezekiel thousands of years ago:

  • Israel is standing alone.
  • This could be the war from which Israel recovers that leads to an attack by Russia and her bedfellows.
  • A war that defeats Iran (it would also need to include Hezbollah and other threats) would bring Israel to a time of supposed peace.

I believe current events reveal we are moving toward the last days. What are your thoughts?



  • Judy Miller

    Dr. Tim, When I woke up to the news that John Kerry had signed the agreement with all of those countries at 3 a.m. I immediately thought of your sermons on the Last Days. We should not be surprised, nor frightened, because we know the ending. I always love to know the ending before I read the book, but this is the most exciting “ending” (actually beginning) ever.To truly know that God has planned all of this out before the beginning of the World is such a comforting thought. Thank you for your incredible insights. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.
    God is Love, Judy Miller

  • roger jones

    Based on “phrophetic evangelist” on TBN and in particular “End Times Ministries” you are absolutely correct . How and when it will take place is question. Like every moral and Christian thing to do, Obama and his pagan administratioi hacks are backing off and refusing to support them/us. Unfortunately THEY resprsent this country!!!
    We can al least contact our congressmen and bombbard them with our complaints. Roger Jones

  • jan lea

    prophecy being fulffilled, pray for the peace of isreal. it’s comforting to know that they/us, we will be victorious. it could be dicouraging for those who do not believe, but to the believer, praise be to God almighty, we know we are victorious, the word says “i will bless those who bless you and i will curse those who curse you”. prayer for the blessings of isreal keep the nation in our prayers. thank God for his word coming to pass.

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