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Is Prophecy being Fulfilled in the Middle East?

According to a New York Times article sent to me by my friend, Jim Wells, Brigadier General Herzl Halevi of the Israeli army is surprised Israel has not yet attacked Iran. Halevi is the commander of the Israeli army in Northern Galilee, and he is set to leave his post on November 28. Though he is surprised the attack has not yet happened, he is convinced it will happen during his successor’s tour. Though this article may not appear to have any impact on us, it is interesting to think about what is going on in the Middle East in light of Bible prophecy.  Two significant events on the prophetic timeline, and possibly the last two events before the rapture (though the Bible does not say these things must take place before the rapture of the Church), are the destruction of Damascus (see Isaiah 17) and the attack on Israel by Russia and a 5-nation coalition that Ezekiel calls the Battle of Gog and Magog (see Ezekiel 38). Halevi’s comment about the forthcoming attack on Iran could point to an important piece of the puzzle leading to fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Even though Iran has indicated they will attack Israel without provocation, an attack on Iranian soil to wipe out Iran’s nuclear capabilities will be all the provocation Iran and her allies would need to retaliate against Israel. Ezekiel 38 also says that Israel will stand alone in this significant battle. If Israel attacks Iran right now, the rest of the world would certainly look upon this attack as aggressive. It seems many political leaders around the world are having a difficult time seeing Israel’s perspective that this attack would be a preemptive strike necessary for the future of Israel. If the world looks upon Israel with disfavor, I can easily see how no one will go to Israel’s aid when Iran retaliates.

We are living in exciting times. For the first time in history, the perceptive Bible student is able to watch current events unfold and connect many of them to Bible prophecy. While some of our “connections” are conjecture, it is easy to see the possibility of Christ’s coming in our lifetime. Let’s prepare as if the last days are upon us. Let’s proclaim Christ because the world is desperate to know Him and will be eternally lost if they wait too late. Let’s stand firm in the days ahead honoring Christ with our faithfulness and fruitfulness.


  • Rebecca Bates

    One of the positive aspects of having to retire early is that I have time to spread out many texts along with my Bibles and connect ideas. I agree that we are living in exciting times. I can already recognize signs of the persecution of Christians although they are often subtle. I am trying to prepare as if the last days are upon us and find that it is a time of glory rather than fear. I will be standing firm with you in the days ahead.

    Rebecca Bates

    • timriordan

      Thanks for your comment Rebecca. You are right in saying it is “a time of glory rather than fear.” It will be easy for Christians to forget this. Part of this perspective will come from making preparations for what is to come. The days leading up to the rapture of the Church will offer great opportunities for ministry and great challenges for humanity. Christians must be prepared for spiritual warfare greater than we have ever experienced. This is actually the idea of the book I have just completed writing. I hope to have it published sometime early next year.

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