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Opportunities for Evangelism

The opportunities to share the gospel are great. As the time of Christ’s return draws ever closer, people will become increasingly more open to the message of salvation. It is true that there will be many challenges and obstacles to our evangelistic ministry, but it is also true that circumstances will create desperation in the lives of people causing them to be open to a message of hope and to a life well lived. I say “a life well lived” because one of the greatest tools you have to make the gospel known to your friends and family is your life. I do not want to minimize the importance of actually speaking the truth to others, but many times, it is our lives that first cause an unbeliever to even be open to what we have to say. For example, everyone has trouble in this life, and an unbeliever will become softened to your message of salvation as they observe how you deal with trouble in your life. Who would not want a peace that passes understanding while going through the most difficult circumstances? Who would not want a hope that will never fade or diminish in the midst of what could be overwhelming odds of gloom and despair? A life well lived by faith and grace will herald the authenticity of the words of hope we share.

 I was encouraged recently to read an article about a well-known media personality who boldly shared of her faith in Christ. I have seen Kirsten Powers on Fox News many times and was very grateful to read her personal story of her faith in Christ. I hope you will click on the link above and read her story as printed in Christianity Today. How can you share your story? There are people in your life that will greatly benefit from hearing of your faith in Christ. As our culture grows more secular and fewer people know of God’s love and offer of salvation, opportunities abound as you live out your faith and share of your hope in Christ.

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