Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran

I just received this e-mail and wanted to pass it along for those of us who live near the city of Atlanta:

On Tuesday, January 13 come to the Georgia State Capitol and stand with Christians from around our state!

The unjust firing of Chief Kelvin Cochran by Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has awakened believers from around our state and nation to the reality of Christian discrimination in the workplace. Now is the time for all Bible-believing Christians to show their support for Chief Cochran’s courage and for our First Amendment rights as American citizens!

Come stand for your faith and against anti-Christian bigotry with Chief Kelvin Cochran, pastors, church leaders and Christians. We will conclude our time together by walking to City Hall for a time of prayer.

What: Standing for Our Faith Rally
When: Tuesday, January 13, 1:30-2:30 p.m.
Where: Georgia Capitol Rotunda
Who: Public Invited

Organized by concerned pastors:
Garland Hunt,
Mike Griffin,

Our Freedoms Under Attack

FreespeechIn my book, Immovable: Standing Firm in the Last Days, I share that Christians can expect to be persecuted in the days ahead. We have a Christian brother who is being persecuted and whose 2nd Amendment rights have been trampled. I am speaking of Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran of Atlanta. He published a book entitled “Who Told You That You Were Naked,” which is book about what the Bible has to say about sin. Within the book, he refers to homosexuality as being a sin – which of course the Bible does say. The mayor of Atlanta did not like Cochran’s position on this issue, which means the mayor does not just disagree with Chief Cochran but also with God, so he fired Chief Cochran. This is deplorable and quite frankly, shocking. Where are all of the people who marched in New York to protest recently? Where is the ACLU? There should be a national uproar over trampling the rights of an American citizen for one of the freedoms we hold dear – the freedom of speech. I’m writing this because I think Christians must voice their concern and outrage at this unfair treatment. Fire Chief Cochran is a member of a Baptist church in Atlanta and wrote the book on his own time and self-published it originally as a Bible study on the topic of sin. Please sign a petition that is distributed by the Georgia Baptist Convention and voice your opinion to Mayor Kasim Reed. The petition and contact information for the mayor can be found at this site: If the mayor’s office was flooded with letters and e-mails expressing our outrage, I believe it could make a difference in reinstating the chief. I’m sure Kasim Reed has future political aspirations, and he must know that U. S. citizens do not look favorably on political leaders who use their authority to attack a basic American freedom. In Paris, terrorists attacked the freedom of speech by murdering 12 employees of a magazine publisher. In Atlanta, this freedom was attacked by firing the Fire Chief. Something must be done to not only protect Chief Cochran but also to protect the U. S. Constitution.

Joy Ride

joyI would like to share a portion of my newsletter article I published for our congregation at SonRise Baptist Church in an effort to challenge you to find joy in the new year.

Michael Card is one of my favorite recording artists from years ago (he is actually still writing and recording), and he released a CD about twenty years ago entitled Joy in the Journey. It was actually a compilation of his greatest hits (El Shaddai, Celebrate the Child, etc.). The title of that CD has been on my mind lately as I prepare to start a new teaching series on January 11: Joy Ride. Most of us share a dreaded disease that has defeating consequences called Destination Disease. We spend our whole lives looking forward to destinations instead of realizing that life is lived in the journey. As a child, we anticipate the destination of first grade and then middle school, high school, and graduation. The destination of college, first jobs, marriage, and parenting becomes a consuming focus. We eventually focus on our empty nest and ultimately on heaven and eternity. We go out of town on vacation and can’t wait to get there, wherever “there” is. If we are not careful, we spend our whole lives looking forward to the end of a journey instead of realizing life is really more about journeys than destinations. Joy Ride is a teaching series about finding joy in the journey. God has made us for joy, yet many of us feel that we will find joy only after we “arrive.”

As you begin a new year of possibilities, blessings, struggle, and failure, it is my hope and prayer that you find joy in the journey. God has made us for joy, and He invites us to join Him for the ride of a lifetime.