Reading the Old Testament

I have to admit I favor the New Testament, however, when I spend time in the Old Testament, I am challenged and encouraged by the obvious plan of God he established from the beginning of time. If you are planning to read the Old Testament this summer (We have a 90 day plan you can follow. We will get it posted on our website – www.sonrisebaptist.org – but in the mean time, today’s reading is Genesis 1-5 and Job 1-6)., today’s reading will present the first presentation of the Gospel in Genesis 3:15. Though the comments to Satan are a little veiled, God is indicating his plan for Jesus to die but also to rise again (crush his heal). This plan would totally foil Satan’s plan and destroy him (crush his head). It is amazing to me to think that at the beginning of time, God not only knew I would be a sinner in need of a Savior, but he also planned for Jesus to be the Savior reaching out to this sinner. When God made the world, He loved the world and developed a plan to save the world. The creation not only declares the glory of God, but it also reveals the grace of God. I hope you will join me in reading the Old Testament this summer. Share your thoughts along the journey.

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