Sin on Steroids

As it was in the days of Noah…

In the last few days, we all stand in shock as the news fills our minds and our television screens:

Six killed and thirteen wounded as a Hollywood director’s son goes on a killing spree because he felt that girls were not attracted to him. A seventeen-year-old girl was beaten nearly to death, allegedly by her boyfriend, for tangled fishing lines. Former New England Patriots football star kills two people because he was bumped by someone in a bar causing him to spill his drink. The daughter of two Hollywood stars walks topless through Manhattan to protest Instagram’s nudity policy.

What is going on? Are people going crazy? What we are seeing is the steady, moral decline of a nation that comes in response to the belief that morals are not absolute, life is cheap, and there are no consequences for sin. Some of the insanity could be attributed to mental instability, and no one would doubt that. Regardless of your conclusions, there is no doubt that our nation is slipping down a slide of immorality and degradation, and our slip does not seem to be slowing.

I return to the prophetic phrase from Matthew 24: “As it was in the days of Noah.” I wrote recently about that phrase commenting that it certainly pointed to the surprise return of Christ, but it must also reflect upon the rampant sin that described the culture before the flood. There is no doubt that our culture is consumed in self-interests, immoral lusts, and murderous reactions to uncontrolled anger. While the Bible describes numerous things that will be happening when Jesus returns, sin on steroids is one of them. One cannot help but look around at what is going on around us and realize that the moral fabric of our society is becoming unraveled. Jesus is coming again. Get ready. Trust Him as your Savior. Seek Him as your Guide. Surrender to Him as your Lord. Jesus is coming again.


  • Judy Miller

    Thank you for this blog,Dr. Tim. The world is getting jaded to the sin around us, but we must keep our minds and hearts on what we can do to further the Kingdom. To any that haven’t gotten your book, “Songs From the Heart”, this is a must! When we immerse ourselves in the Word, God speaks to us. Bombarded from the world, it is a comfort to know that our Lord is providing us daily with knowledge and encouragement. We start with having faith in the little things.
    Jesus is truly coming again!

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