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Generosity = Happiness

Over the last few weeks, I’ve preached on overcoming financial bondage. A lot of people struggle with finding financial freedom. Most people get nervous when the preacher shares a sermon on money, but God has a lot to say about it in the Bible. Rick Warren reminds us the word give is used more times in the Bible than the words believe, pray, and love combined.

 Since a lot of people in America struggle with finances, it makes sense that most parents are not doing a good job at helping their kids learn how to manage money. So, the cycle continues.

I recently read a great Focus on the Family article about teaching our children about money. I found it to be helpful and encouraging. If I could go back and start over again with my children, I’d do a better job at helping them with finances.

Yesterday, I preached on generosity. A lot of studies have been done on this topic, and all of them point to this truth: generosity makes us happier. Here’s an interesting article you may want to read.

When we think about generosity, giving money is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Generosity, however, can be seen in many other ways. Can you think of other ways to be generous? Did you think of things like time, attention, affection, or effort?

I’m so grateful God is generous with us. He’s generous with His love and attention. He’s generous with His grace and mercy. Why not make a list of ways God has been generous toward you? Then, make a list of ways you can be generous this week with your family and your friends. 

How can you be generous toward God? Here’s an idea. Look for a way to give money generously this week as an expression of love toward God. You could give an extra offering to your church or maybe to your favorite mission organization. Maybe, pay for someone’s meal the next time you eat out. God loves a cheerful and generous giver. He said when we give much, we’ll be blessed much. What will you do this week to be generous?

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