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One-World Religion

Yesterday I preached another message in my prophecy series entitled “Countdown – Are We Living in the Last Days?” The message addressed three questions: What is Iraq’s role in the end times; Is there an Islamic connection to Bible prophecy; and What is the Russian Alliance (of Ezekiel 38)? (You can go to our website and listen to the message if you are interested. This past Sunday’s message should be posted by Wednesday.) Within the context of dealing with the second question, I spoke about the end time prophecy that states there will be a one-world religion under the leadership of the “false prophet.” I spoke about the growth of the Islamic religion and the Islamic attempt to take over the world either through jihad or fatah (infiltration, moving into a country in numbers large enough to affect the culture). I pointed out that Islam was gaining great ground in part because of the blindness of political and religious “tolerance” in the world, and I can see how a religion like Islam could eventually be the one-world religion (especially if the Christians have all been raptured). I also quoted a Dutch Catholic Bishop (from 2007) that said we should call God “Allah” for the sake of religious solidarity. Have you ever compared the God of the Bible with the god of the Muslims? There is no comparison. David Jeremiah made this comparison in his book What in the World is Going On. He said:
The God of the Bible is knowable. According to the Qu’ran, Allah is so exalted that he cannot be known. The God of the Bible is a personal being with intellect, emotion, and will. Muslim theology tells us Allah is not to be understood as a person. The God of the Bible is a spirit. To Muslims, such a thought is blasphemous and demeaning to Allah. The God of the Bible is one God in three persons. The Qu’ran denies the Trinity and views it as a major heresy. The God of the Bible is a God of love. Allah does not have emotional feelings toward man. The God of the Bible is a God of grace. According to the Qu’ran, there is no savior or intercessor.
Obviously the God of the Bible cannot be the same as the god of the Muslims. One thing Dr. Jeremiah didn’t mention was that the God of the Bible says we are to love our enemies while the god of Islam says they are to kill them. I think that as we move ever closer to the end of time as we know it, there will be a greater effort toward religious solidarity.

Today I have read the most amazing article. I cannot speak to the credibility of this writer for I’ve never heard of him (the name of the article and the picture made me a little uneasy at first). I did Google the subject and found his comments were substantiated. The bottom line of this article is that yesterday in worship, a number of churches around the country read from the Qu’ran in an attempt to “to counter what they refer to as anti-Muslim bigotry and negative stereotypes’ that have been growing in the US.” My first thought was of Pastor Lee who was recently arrested in an Islamic region (India) for preaching the gospel. I have not heard whether or not he has yet been released. Obviously they are not very tolerant of Christianity. I doubt we’ll find any Muslim clerics reading from the Bible during their services. Actually Jesus never taught us to tolerate world religions but rather to pray for them and to share the Gospel with them.
I believe yesterday’s expression of religious tolerance is only taking us one step closer to the reign of the anti-Christ in our world. What do you think?

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  • Judy Miller

    It is Monday and Matt already has posted the Sermon from Sunday on the website. If you were not able to make it yesterday to church, please listen to this latest sermon online. Dr. Tim showed his love for our Lord and our church yesterday as he preached this Spirit filled sermon while he was very sick. God is truly using our pastor in a mighty way to lead us through the Countdown to the last days. It is an exciting time to be alive and I pray that we are all reaching for Heaven and working to take everyone that we know with us. God is love.
    You can subscribe to Dr. Tim’s blog just by entering your email address on the right and clicking on subscribe.
    Please, let him know how you feel about what he has written. It’s always great to get a response from those you love.

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