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Things You Should Know if you Live in the South

I’m currently preaching a series on the Sermon on the Mount called “Essentials.” In my opening comments from last Sunday, I shared a few essential things someone should know if they’re going to live in the south. Here’s my list:

  • You should know the difference between poison ivy & kudzu.
  • You should know the best place to go to get sweet tea (when you don’t want to make it yourself.)
  • You should know that real men eat grits.
  • You should know that if you’re going to put something in grits, it should either be your spoon or shrimp.
  • You should know that you don’t have a hissy fit. You pitch one.
  • You should know that if it snows, don’t put chains on your tires. Stay home.
  • You should know that Sunday is for church, but Saturday is for football.

What would you add to the list?


  • Evelyn Davis

    “Bless your heart” is not necessarily a good thing.
    Supper is the evening meal not dinner. Dinner is the meal on Sunday after Church.
    When we say “Now Y’all come to see us” we really mean it.
    The front porch is the best room in the house.

  • Julie

    Having moved here from the north I learned quickly that bless your heart is not a good thing!
    Northerners aren’t looking for sweet tea. We will take ours hot or unsweetened please.
    You should know that ma’am and sir is not an insult and your child better learn quick to say it!

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