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Happy Holidays

Merry_ChristmasHappy Holidays. Really?? I heard it for the first time last week. It was actually a greeting between two people in a parking lot, so no employer was forcing an employee to remove Christ from Christmas. Was it political correctness or were the two people atheists? Who knows? A friend of mine just told me about someone he knows who was instructed by an employer not to say “Merry Christmas,” but rather “Happy Holidays.” Do you suppose this person works at a major retailer? Nope. She works at a hospital. My friend said that maybe employees should say, “Happy celebration of Jesus’ birthday.” Or maybe this one would be better, “Happy day when God set His redemption plan in motion that involved sending His Son to be born as a baby and then having Him grow to be a man, die on a cross for the sins of the world, and then rise again from the dead.” I suppose this last one would be pretty tough to fit on a Christmas card. It’s CHRISTmas. It is a day set in history, though we do not know exactly when Jesus was born. The fact of Jesus’ birth is a verifiable, historic event. Being we do not know the exact date, December 25 is as good a day as any other to celebrate the day God’s amazing plan for humanity was set into motion. “Thank you Jesus for coming into this world. We celebrate YOU this season!”

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