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New Year’s Eve Disappointment

We planned to bring in the New Year with a time of reflection on the scripture and prayer, but my children wanted to watch the ball drop in New York first. I figured our time of prayer could be just as meaningful at 12:05 as it would have been at 12:00. We turned on the television just in time to hear the conclusion of a song, watch the ball drop to the countdown of the New Year, and watch everyone kiss (well, maybe not everyone, but there was a lot of it going on.). I’m all for kissing, as long as I’m kissing my wife, and I suppose welcoming in the New Year with a little smooch is not a totally bad thing. The disappointment came when the host of the show returned to the street to show two men kissing. I was so naïve that I didn’t think it was two men, even though my kids insisted on it. I had to rewind the broadcast and watch it again. I just
couldn’t believe they would show two men kissing on national television. I was wrong on all accounts. It was two men kissing, and I have no doubt that it was all staged in an attempt to make a statement.

My thoughts for some reason went back to the recent school shootings and everyone’s question about why God allowed that to happen. I think my mind went there because I can’t help but feel that the actions of the United States seem to point to the fact that we don’t want God around. While God loves the homosexual, the Bible is real clear that homosexuality is a sin. Can we expect God to bless a nation that condones sin as a lifestyle choice? There are now a total of nine states that have approved of same-sex marriages. Can God really be God and bless America? One gay couple was married on New Year’s Eve in Maryland, and USA today quoted 68 year old James Scales at the conclusion of his “marriage” to
his gay friend: “It’s just so hard to believe it’s happening.” He is right about one thing; it’s just so hard to believe it’s happening! I do not believe
that a country who blatantly thumbs their nose at God should expect God’s blessing and protection. Once God’s hand is removed from a country, the door is opened up for all kinds of evil. School shootings may just be the tip of the iceberg. If you read the Old Testament, you will see that many times it would take several years for a nation to realize God’s judgment had been passed upon them. Is it possible God stopped blessing America and started judging America years ago, and we are just now seeing the beginnings of what it’s like to live outside of God’s blessing?


  • Judy Miller

    This is a great blog, Dr. Tim. I believe that what you say about America is so very true. It’s one of those subjects that the Mainstream Media has bullied us into believing that we are the ones who are wrong. Well, if God says it is wrong, then it’s wrong. This is as simple as that. There are many other horrible things that the media is slowly integrating into our minds through sitcoms, etc. Their actions are conscious efforts. We, on the other hand, seem to just look the other way and let them go on about their business in an effort to be “nonjudgmental”. Well, it’s not we who are judging, but God. If He has stopped blessing America, I don’t blame Him a bit. We don’t deserve to be blessed. He told us to “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” and look how we treat his Chosen People. God help us!

  • Lynn Busby

    +.I really enjoyed the sermon today. I too have felt for a long time that our country is under judgment. It breaks my heart that our leaders in government are blind to it. I am also disturbed by the way sin is no longer revealed so as to repent rather to revel in it being revealed. God help us.

  • Jeni Sumner

    Pastor Tim,
    I agree with you and Ms. Judy. I think you have touched on some vital points in your blog. To add to what you have written, I believe that America has swallowed what I call the “Tolerance Lie” hook, line, and sinker. Society urges us to “be tolerant” of others’ choices and worldviews which results in the vilification of anyone (Christians) who believe there is only One Way to live an abundant life on earth and in eternity. This should deeply concern anyone who cherishes what Jesus did for us on the cross. If there was any other way to be saved, would the Father have bankrupted heaven by sending his one and only Son to die for the sins of the world? I really don’t think so. Jesus said He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and that no one comes to the Father except though Him. On the other hand, I believe we Christians have to remain tenderhearted toward those who need Christ being careful not to shun people, but sin. Thanks for your blog and insights.

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